Save Sloane Street - Consultation open until 27th Feb, make your voice heard!

"Sloane Street Consultation" started in January 2017. The brochure presents the case for a scheme, originated by the Cadogan Estate, which would fundamentally and irreversibly transform the character of the street, and encourages respondents to support it. It does not, however, consider the negative aspects of the scheme, or present the case for leaving well alone. We set out below the reasons why we hope the scheme will not be implemented. The Council hope that the response to the consultation will enable them to claim that "this is what people want" - and the questionnaire is clearly designed to help achieve this. But it may not be what you want, and the danger is that if you do nothing ab


'Making an Impact' brings together five diverse artists, working within the realms of three dimensional wall art and sculpture. The exhibition will showcase their varied approaches to creating bold, statement art; from large gold panels, impacted by an axe, to sculpture influenced by the cities we live in. For more information about the exhibition, please click here. John Franzen and Vaughn Horsman have a range of available work to purchase, for more information or to receive their catalogues, please telephone us: 0207 101 5070 The private view drinks for 'Making an Impact' are being held on March 2nd from 6:00pm. Please join us in our Belgravia gallery, to enjoy canapes, fizz and a curat

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