How polluted are our playgrounds?

Client Earth, a non-profit environmental law organisation, have mapped pollution near each school in London. Search the map and click on the dot to find out your school’s pollution levels. Studies have shown that the health of children living within 150 metres of illegally polluted roads can be affected by traffic-related air pollution. Even if your school is further than 150 metres from an illegally polluted road, air pollution can still impact children’s health at or on their way to school. There are some scary looking black dots in Belgravia and elsewhere in London, sign ClientEarth's petition to have: A comprehensive network of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across the UK – these must keep the d

Belgravia Police station we need to action now!

​ The public consultation to close the Belgravia Police station is closing on 6 October. Local residents, businesses and visitors alike need to have their voice heard and we are asking you to sign our petition.

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