Beware - a spohisticated scam

Extremely sophisticated scam going about. Affecting customers of number of banks, possibly all banks. You get a message saying a payment hasn’t been taken eg O2,Vodafone or EE and to click on a link. As soon as you touch it the money is gone. The scammers already have all your details and it’s the most advance scam the banks have ever seen. Please stay vigilant and do not open any links or attachments unless you know the sender and you expect something from them. Contact your bank or appropriate organisations as soon as you suspect fraud. Stay safe in both, real life and virtual life! Report Fraud to the Police

Volunteering in Westminster

Dear Members and Friends, At uncertain and difficult times like this, it is more important than ever that we come together as a community and help those in need. We have been serving our community since 1972 and have always been here for you, in good times and difficult times. In case you now of someone who does not have access to the internet and as a result access to information and options is limited, please do call us on our dedicated phone number 07901 156235. Our powers to assist are limited, but we will do our best to help where we can. There have been many offers of help from individual and local groups. Westminster Council have created Westminster Connects to enable people who want

Walden Chymist opening hours - update

Walden Chymist on Elizabeth Street is a family run business established in 1846. We have been serving the community for over 150 years and our customers and their health is our priority. Strictly one person in a shop at a time. Please be patient as there is only two people working at Walden Chymist. Please note, you can send your order by email At the moment we are working Monday to Friday 9.00am till 6pm and Saturday 9.00am till 1pm. Viruses can  live on surfaces for hours and days. If someone picks up a toothpaste when they unknowingly have covid-19 (remember you can be asymptomatic for up to 17 days), changes their mind, customer 2 purchases it and takes it home..

Traffic in Belgravia

This year so far has been a busy one for Clive who looks after traffic for the BRA. Community Infrastructure Levy A Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) has been submitted to Westminster council for the removal of the traffic lights at Lower Belgrave and Ebury Street. As background a CIL is a charge on new development to help fund strategic and neighbourhood infrastructure in Westminster. This can include new or improved facilities for health, education, open spaces, sports and leisure, utilities and waste, transport and the public realm, and other social & community facilities. For anyone who is aware of this junction the traffic lights no longer serve a purpose since traffic was rerouted m

Workshop Wednesday 11th March: use Ebury Edge to launch your business

Do you have a great idea, product or service? The workspaces that will be available at the Ebury Edge development are going to be an ideal way to get your plans out there. Book your free place for our first idea-building session on Wednesday 11 March between 6pm and 8pm at the Ebury Regeneration Base, Ebury Bridge Road, SW1W 8QX. To find out more about spaces, including the pricing for units, register your initial interest at

Crime on the rise, please read

An increase in the number of thefts from vehicles and burglaries has been recorded by the Police in recent months. Please remember to keep our vehicle empty whilst parked and consider making your valuables less attractive to thieves by using a property or police approved forensic marking solution only visible under Ultraviolet (UV) light. MetTrace The Met Police have been rolling out MetTrace to help residents make their homes more secure by providing crime prevention advice and free SmartWater® property forensic marking kits to 1 in 7 London homes. For more information and to find out if you’re eligible for a free pack, or other ways to get SmartWater, visit our MetTrace page. You can find

Looking after our streets

We have noticed a resurgence in waste bags being left on the pavement outside collection days. If you are affected by this, please contact Westminster Council directly, who will send a team to collect the rubbish. If this persistent the council may arrange monitoring of the situation and may contact the perpetrators to issue a fine. But in order to do this, the council needs our help to bring hotspots to their attention. To report missed rubbish and recycling collections or any other street scene issues, please use the council's Report It page or call Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000. If you are not sure of the collection time on the street, please check rubbish and recycling coll

Mews News - upgrade works have started

We are happy to update you on improvement works to Mews in Belgravia. Grosvenor’s mews refurbishment program has started. Cobbles will be placed in a supporting slab to prevent future uneven road surface, also high speed internet cable will be installed among other improvement works that will be rolled out to mews. Wilton Row had improvement work done a few years ago, this year Eaton Terrace Mews and Boscobel Place are on the programme and more to come in the future. The ultimate intent is to renovate and upgrade all the news in Belgravia The BRA has campaigned and coordinated tirelessly for this work to be done and it is with great thanks and support of local residents and Grosvenor that th

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