Welcome back to The Lime Tree Hotel

It is so wonderful to see the newly refurbished and very stylish Lime Tree Hotel on Ebury Street open again. You can enjoy excellent coffee and delicious pastries in their glorious garden or in the café. Hopefully, breakfast and lunch will be served from next week. Hotel itself will be open in due course. For the time being The Lime Tree Hotel café is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8am to 3 pm. https://www.limetreehotel.co.uk/

Motcom Street needs your help!

It is lovely to see Motcomb Street getting back to our "new normal", however once again the busker turned up to make his mess on Motcomb Street. This busker has been a problem in the area for a very long time (approx. 15 years). Initially he was going into all of the traders asking if he could polish their brass letter boxes. This was happening when Belinda Robertson still had her store in West Halkin Street and she closed that store in March 2009. He then added the busking and very loud music into what he was doing in our area. This plastering Motcomb Street with these giant letters is the latest in his continued disruption of Motcomb Street. In addition to our lovely shops, Motcomb Street

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