New exciting exhibition Space & Form at John Adams Fine Art

John Adams Fine Art on Ebury St are delighted to announce our forthcoming exhibition Space & Form, opening on Thursday 3rd November and running until Saturday 19th November.

This exhibition brings together four modern masters who manifest a sympathy of style and

design that unites space and form creatively in order to achieve an elegant harmony of

colour and movement.

Frédéric de Luca (b. 1949)

Frédéric de Luca has had a long and successful career in many aspects of design, from fashion to interiors and furniture. In 1983 he founded the Parisian design gallery En Attendent les Barbares, and with this exhibition he has returned to his first passion – painting in gouache.

Edouard Hervé (b. 1958)

Self-taught, Hervé is a sculptor who lives and works in Brittany. He has refined his creativity to produce lyrical and organic shapes in bronze, and by the judicious use of asymmetric lines and sinuous curves he suggests movement and an illusion of weightlessness in his sculptures.

Othello Radou (1910 – 2006)

Born in Monte Carlo, Radou forged his artistic career in Paris in a vein of Geometric Abstraction he made his own. The meticulous hard work and discipline he applied to creating his paintings produced dynamic, rhythmical images in a palette at once audacious and restrained.

René Roche (1932 – 1992)

Roche was born in Vienne, France and throughout his career he followed an independent path as a self-taught artist and sculptor. Shape and colour were his greatest inspiration, saying “One of my dreams is to throw colour at the sky and make it stay there.”

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