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Films Under the Stars on Grosvenor Sq

Grosvenor, Nomad Cinema and Chestertons bring us films in a roaming pop-up cinema known for creating unique and memorable experiences. Expect live entertainment, food and a free glass of wine or soft drink under the stars in Grosvenor Square this July.

Doors open 8pm

Pre-screening entertainment, delicious food from Salt & Dry and drinks from Barefoot Wines. Screenings start 9:30pm

For tickets visit The Nomad Cinema

La La Land (2016) (12)

Fri 7 July La La Land swept the board this award season, taking the mantle of best musical of in twenty years. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling whisk us into a love story that's both sweet and sad, lived out in an array of impressive song and dance numbers.

Casablanca (1942) (U)

Thurs 13 July Oscar-winning (Best Film) Casablanca is full of mystery, romance and intrigue. Nothing tops Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's chemistry in this wartime weepy - except maybe the exoticism of Casablanca itself.

Psycho (1960) (15)

Fri 14 July

The mother of modern suspense films, Alfred Hitchcock's greatest masterpiece revolutionised the genre and left a lasting mark on pop culture. Psycho twists and turns down a dark path taking you far from its original course to somewhere much more terrifying; the Bates' Motel.

Top Gun (1986) (12)

Wed 19 July

The film that shot Tom Cruise, and its late, great director, Tony Scott, into the Hollywood Blockbuster fast lane. Cruise was the hunky heart-throb who took our breath away, sweeping Kelly McGillis off her feet in this stalwart of 80s cinema. Gather your wingmen, wingwomen and wing cadets for this jet-fuelled favourite.

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (1969) (PG)

Thurs 20 July

A new kind of Western, this reinvented the West as the place we all wanted it to be. Paul Newman and Robert Redford create two of the most lovable anti-heroes of all time. These outlaws who rob trains are being hunted down and escape to a new life in Bolivia.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) (12)

Fri 21 July

Rogue One is the ultimate Star Wars fan film, but also works as a stand-alone adventure story for Star Wars newbies. Felicity Jones leads a posse of plucky fighters on a mission to destroy the Dark Side's super weapon, the Death Star, which has the Rebellion quaking in their boots.

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