Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill

Baroness Jenny Jones (Green Party) ‘introduced’ the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill to the House of Lords on 5 July 2018 - on the 62nd anniversary of the first Clean Air Act receiving Royal Assent and the National Health Service’s 70th birthday.

Clean Air Bill 2018 (first draft dated 190118)

It proposes:

  1. Clean air is a human right.

  2. The inclusion of air quality and greenhouse gases, outside and inside. So-called ‘One atmosphere’.

  3. The opportunity for devolved administrations to be involved or not

  4. Duties/responsibilities and powers/authority passed down from the Secretary of State (SoS) to the Environment Agency (EA), local authorities and others

  5. EA and Climate Change Committee to undertake reviews and advise on new standards to protect health and the environment.

  6. Powers in a long list of ‘clean air enactments’ must be used.

  7. Government required to pass resources to the EA, local authorities and others to fulfil their duties.

  8. Establishment of the Citizens’ Commission for Clean Air with enforcement powers. Penalties (eg fines) for companies and polluters and court orders for the SoS and government entities etc.

  9. Updating the current Clean Air Act e.g. to make it easier to stop illegal wood burning in Smoke Control Areas.

  10. Confirms the environmental provisions of prevention, precaution, “polluter pays” and sustainable development

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