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Legal changes to Leasehold Property - We need your support and urgent feedback

Legal changes to Leasehold Property - We need your support

The Law Commission, who advise government on legal changes, are proposing changes in favour of lease holders, which include:-

* Making it easier and cheaper to buy freeholds & extend leases of flats

* Enabling leaseholders to extend multiple times, for a longer period and more cheaply

* Reducing fees paid to freeholders for lease extensions

* Streamlining the process for lease extensions with disputes to be heard by a government tribunal

You can read the full Law Commission document

The BRA Committee broadly supports the Law Commissions proposals and intends to respond positively.

We need your support and want to hear your experiences with freeholders both good and bad.

As this is the first time for over twenty years that major legal changes have been suggested your views are very important.

The consultation ends early November hence our need to obtain your views before we make our official submission.

Please e mail


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