The BRA AGM - important news

Dear Members and Friends,

I am writing to you to inform you that we have postponed the AGM this year until 22 January 2019 and by consensus we will thereafter hold this annual event in January.

Feedback received from members and indeed the committee has told us that to hold the event approaching the Festive season sees far too many other events either clashing or taking people's focus away from our own event. We want you to participate and in recent years due to the above pressures with carol services and other festive events all vying for your time we felt it appropriate to move the date away from this season.

The Knightsbridge Association took the decision a few years ago to hold their own AGM in January and as a result the audience increased considerably for the event. At this time of year there is less social activity on going as well as the schools being back in session and no half term holidays to take members out of London.

The venue and time remain the same: 6.30pm at St Michael's Church Chester Square.

Please do RSVP if you do intend coming and we hope to see as many of you as possible on the evening.

With my best wishes,

James Wright


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