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Seasonal Festivities at Joss Graham - 5 December

Tuesday 4th December, 5pm - 9pm

mulled wine and mince pies!

❈ ceramic pomegranates by Hayrullah Sagtan from Istanbul ❈ ❈ antique coral, silver and enamel jewellery from Oman, Yemen and North Africa ❈ ❈ frankincense from Oman ❈ Ethiopian silver neck crosses ❈ ❈ watercolour paintings of Morocco by Antony Bream ❈ ❈ hand-painted thangkas from Tibetan artisans in India ❈ ❈ Christmas decorations and toys from India ❈ ❈ handmade cards by Katherine Virgils ❈ ❈ fun and funky necklaces designed and made by Ron and Toy ❈ ❈ gold plated silver & gemstone jewellery from Jaipur ❈ ❈ knitted and woven alpaca shawls and ponchos from Bolivia ❈ ❈ warm winter hand-knitted coats by Peoli, India ❈ ❈ Tassar Patta Tree of Life paintings from Orissa ❈ ❈ Indian folk paintings, carved animals & tribal bronzes ❈ ❈ fabulous costume and dress from around the world ❈

Visit the gallery for Christmas shopping from 5th to 22nd December

open 10am - 6pm Monday to Saturday


10 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LT T: +44 (0)20 7730 4370 E:

details of embroidery from a 19th century Zoroastrian silk shawl; ceramic pomegranates by Hayrullah Sagtan, Istanbul vintage Morroccan ceramic plate bronze head of Parvati, trade beads from West Africa, conch shell from Nepal embroidered lotus from a silk abochchani wedding shawl, Kutch, Western India felt Morning Glory necklace and golden Lotus Pod necklace by Ron and Toy embroidered and sequinned auspicious elephant from Burma

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