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Traffic update for Belgravia

Clive Knott on behalf of the BRA meets frequently with Westminster Council’s traffic arm to discuss all traffic issues in the Belgravia neighbourhood. Clive is part of the lay members’ panel and works closely with Westminster to decide the priority road resurfacing and lighting. There have been a number of meetings held with Westminster’s traffic team.

Clive summarised the position as follows:

- the stretch of Cliveden Place between Bourne Street and Eaton Terrace will be upgraded and re-surfaced in early January 2019. As a result of Clive’s comments Westminster are looking at extending the resurfacing work to include the section of Cliveden Place between Eaton Terrace and Eaton Square, as that road surface has deteriorated significantly.

- works are being carried out to the junction of Eaton Place and Belgrave Place for safety purposes and to improve visibility.

- the Council would like to carry out works to improve safety and visibility at the junction of Lyall street and Eaton Place because there have been a number of accidents in that location over the past few years. The Council are considering their options as it isn’t clear what works can be carried out to improve safety given the layout of the roads.

- the white lines on roads close to the German embassy have been repainted and in Eaton Square.

- at a recent 3 year strategy meeting Westminster publicised their list of priority roads for re-surfacing works. Clive queried their choice of roads and priorities. Westminster took on board his comments and the list is likely be revised and republished as a result.

- the residents of Chapel Street are upset because of the queues of traffic, construction traffic and noise caused by the construction of the hospital. Clive will meet with some of the residents for coffee and to hear their views on how the situation can be eased and will report back at our next meeting.

- TFL and Westminster are intending to monitor traffic in Elizabeth Street during November with particular emphasis on coaches and HGV traffic. Currently there are no signs on Elizabeth Street prohibiting coaches or HGVs from using Elizabeth Street.

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