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Eccleston Yards Improvements

Grsovenor have been considering ways to improve Eccleston Yards so that it works better for the businesses that operate there, the residents that live nearby, and for visitors. A large number of conversations with the local community over time who have told us that Eccleston Yards and the entrances to it are very difficult to find. In response to this feedback, Grosvenor are keen to increase the signage and therefore would like to understand how well you think the existing signage to Eccleston Yards works, as well as the ways you think it could be improved.

Grosvenor are therefore starting early consultation today with local residents and groups and wanted to get your thoughts through our survey below.

Indicative timings

Grosvenor have appointed architects Stiff & Trevillion and design consultancy The Plant to create some initial concept designs for what this signage could look like and to explore other ways that Eccleston Yards could be improved. They will use your comments to inform their approach over the coming weeks.

Please see an indicative programme below:

- May: Sharing our objectives

- June: Update on the proposed design and how it responds to feedback

- Autumn 2021: Sharing the final designs and submitting a planning application

- Early 2022: Anticipated completion

Share your views

Grosvenor are at an early stage in the design process and your views are important in helping shape ideas. Please click here to complete a short survey. The map above highlights suggested signage locations. Please share initial views or any questions you may have, by replying to this email before 01 June 2021.

Thank you.

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