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Motcom Street needs your help!

It is lovely to see Motcomb Street getting back to our "new normal", however once again the busker turned up to make his mess on Motcomb Street.

This busker has been a problem in the area for a very long time (approx. 15 years). Initially he was going into all of the traders asking if he could polish their brass letter boxes. This was happening when Belinda Robertson still had her store in West Halkin Street and she closed that store in March 2009.

He then added the busking and very loud music into what he was doing in our area.

This plastering Motcomb Street with these giant letters is the latest in his continued disruption of Motcomb Street.

In addition to our lovely shops, Motcomb Street is also a residential street.

It's unacceptable for these residents to be subjected to the loud music this busker plays outside their homes. The police have been called and attended many times due to the numerous complaints regarding this busker and his loud music.

This busker can be very aggressive so it's better not to approach him directly.

Now that this busker is "plastering" Motcomb Street with giant laminated lettering there have also been complaints as in addition to making the street look unsightly, these letters are slippery which could result in someone having an accident.

I know that one resident has had a double hip replacement so naturally does not want to have a fall. Additionally at the weekend he had placed several bottle onto the road (photo below). Again this is a health & safety hazard.

The police have continuously said over the years that there is nothing they can do.

Hence we're now working together with WCC as the road & pavements are part of their public realm. WCC are in constant contact with the police re this ongoing issue.

If any of you are giving this busker money please stop funding him.

This busker lives in Ealing and comes to Motcomb Street for money.

Both myself and Grosvenor are encouraging traders & residents to write victim statements and send them to Chelsea Coleman (WCC).

We have been contacted by the Neighbourhood Coordinator, Chelsea Coleman, who is looking at providing a legal framework for the busker/ protester by way of a Community Protection Notice. This notice is a two-part enforcement tool which consists of a written warning citing behaviours required to stop by a specific date, and if breached, a Community Protection Notice which stipulates conditions that the individual must adhere to stop the behaviours. A breach of the Community Protection Notice is a criminal offence and further enforcement action will be taken via prosecution or a Criminal Behaviour Order, excluding the individual from a specific area.

This action plan is dependent on requesting further assistance from residents/businesses in the form of a victim impact statement so that WCC can identify the anti-social behaviours that the community is impacted by. A victim impact statement gives victims the opportunity to express the feelings and negative impact that anti-social behaviour has on them.

Can you all please give Chelsea a statement? Statements can be anonymous.

Please email with your telephone number if you would be willing to make a statement, anonymous or otherwise. Chelsea will call you and take your statement over the phone.

Chelsea Coleman

Neighbourhood Coordinator

South West Team – Knightsbridge & Belgravia, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater

Public Protection & Licensing

Westminster City Council

Westminster City Hall

64 Victoria Street



Best Wishes

Sue Liberman

Traders Association Chair


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