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Please be vigilant!

During the latest COVID lockdown our crime figures continue to be low and the team continue to patrol the ward as normal. Unfortunately, since the 3rd February we have had two burglaries at the same venue on Eaton Place.

The first incident on the 3rd involved a black male dressed in a Hi-Viz vest carrying a parcel acting as a delivery driver. Using this method he has gained access to the communal area and managed to get into one of the flats and was disturbed by the occupants, a number of items of personal property were stolen before the suspect made his escape in a 20 plate Grey Citroen C3. No violence was used.

Today’s incident a male has attended the same property, this time it is believed he has reached through the letter box to open the door. Suspect was a tall skinny black male on a bike, this was only an attempt and no property was stolen.

At this stage we don’t know if the incidents are linked, both are active investigations and I cannot say any more about them at this stage. We do have some very good lines of enquiry regarding the Citroen.

The number of incidents where criminals are going through rubbish and recycling looking for ID information is also on the increase.

This is just a reminder to stay vigilant and make sure properties are secure at all times.

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