Traffic in Belgravia

This year so far has been a busy one for Clive who looks after traffic for the BRA.

Community Infrastructure Levy

A Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) has been submitted to Westminster council for the removal of the traffic lights at Lower Belgrave and Ebury Street. As background a CIL is a charge on new development to help fund strategic and neighbourhood infrastructure in Westminster. This can include new or improved facilities for health, education, open spaces, sports and leisure, utilities and waste, transport and the public realm, and other social & community facilities.

For anyone who is aware of this junction the traffic lights no longer serve a purpose since traffic was rerouted many years ago making the traffic lights unnecessary. Very few cars now pass through the junction and those that do often stop at unnecessary red lights with their engines running polluting the air and causing noise to the surrounding area.

Westminster will be reviewing the CIL at their next meeting towards the end of March. If the funding for the redesign of the junction is approved it will then be taken on to the next stage of funding with consultations taking place between Westminster & TFL. Assuming approval of the scheme this would then be implemented by TFL hopefully later in the year. We will keep you updated as this proposal progresses.

Gas Works

If would be hard not to have noticed the recent disruption with road closures, temporary traffic signals and diversions to traffic running through to Belgrave Square whilst urgent repairs are made to the gas network by Cadent.

Cadent Gas owns, operates and maintains the largest natural gas distribution network in the United Kingdom, transporting gas to 11 million homes and businesses.

This is essential work and aims to be completed by Cadent towards the end of March. The northern end of Eaton Place has been closed since the end of January and will be reopened when this work completes. I am meeting shortly with Westminster to discuss the remedial works to make good the road surfaces after Cadents' work completes.

Lyall Street and Eaton Place

Following a number of accidents which have taken place at Lyall Street with the junction of Eaton Place new "STOP" signs have been erected and changes to the resident parking made to make the junction approach clearer. A proposal was put forward by Westminster to remove just one parking space and to put double yellow and no waiting pavement lines in place last Autumn with the work being carried out just before Christmas 19. Westminster carried out the work but incorrectly removed three parking spaces and placed the no waiting lines on part of the payment in the wrong place. We have followed this up with Westminster who have revisited the location several times to make good their work. I am pleased to say that we have now seen the reinstatement of the two resident parking spaces and the scheme completed satisfactory.

Flashing Speed Signs have also been put up in Lyall Street to slow down traffic.

Westminster Three Year Road Strategy

Clive will be attending the next meeting at Westminster with other ward members to review and discuss the long term road strategy for Belgravia which includes funding for resurfacing, pavement and lighting works. Westminster are keen to have a budget in place now for a three year term (rather than the current one year programme) with meetings that take place every quarter to ensure that allocation of funds are distributed fairly across Westminster other wards and to works required in Belgravia.

Belgravia Walk The Roads

Clive will be meeting with Westminster to carry out a six monthly "walk the roads" to review residents reported issues and to look at investments that may be necessary in the road infrastructure. Clive will report back in his next traffic bulletin.

No Right Turns from Grosvenor Place into Belgravia

TFL have now stopped right turns from Grosvenor Place (approaching from Hyde Park Corner) at three road junctions, Chester Street, Chapel Street and Wilton Street.

Traffic approaching from Victoria can still turn left at these junctions. The move will reduce the disruption to residences by reducing the amount of cars using these three roads into Belgravia.

Contacting Clive

Clive is happy to look at resident issues regarding roads, pavements and road related noise. He is contactable at

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