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We are proud to support the Veterans

The BRA is proud to announce the start of an initiative designed and organised by committee member, Cecile Sealy. The programme started in May and is to support our veterans and enhance their sense of wellbeing.

Working in collaboration with The Royal British Legion, who Cecile chose as her partner for the project and who selects beneficiaries for her venture, Cecile has set up a programme of free horse riding hourly sessions in Hyde Park for our veterans. The Grosvenor Estate, who expressed their interest in being involved is very graciously providing the initial financial support for this project.

In addition to riding in the park, the programme offers our veterans the opportunity to unsaddle and attend to their horses and spend additional time with them after each session.

The Ross Nye Stables, where the riding sessions are booked, ensures that an appropriate number of instructors accompany each group of veterans and offers them help and advice as regards looking after their horse.

The BRA is delighted that such a heart warming enterprise is being implemented in our beautiful Belgravia neighbourhood and we hope that our residents will approve of Cecile’s passion for supporting our thankworthy veterans.

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