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Save Our Post Office

The Post Office have decided not to renew their lease on the Post Office in Eccleston street and tell us that there are adequate facilities nearby. In simplicity, there are not similar services offered nearby where our elderly neighbours or local businesses who depend on postal services could get to easily.​

Grosvenor are looking to relocate the Post office for a more affordable rent in another property in Eccleston Street. The existing Post Office building needs upgrading and refurbishment. The current lease is due to end in September and therefore we all do need to engage in public reaction and strive to maintain what the BRA regard as one of the very essential services to serve us all locally.


We will be campaigning on your behalf, but we are also asking that as many of you write in to protest and let your feelings be known to the Post office directly.

Formal Post Office consultation closes on 12th June.

Please submit your views here:

Email Directly to the Post Office

In addition to participating in the Post Office formal consultation, which we strongly encourage everyone to complete, we have drafted an email expressing our views directly to the Post Office.

Please feel free to use the draft and edit it as you see fit.

The Post Office email is:

(copy the email text first and click on the email link above second)

It is imperative that as many of us complete the formal consultation and write to the Post Office.

Dear Post Office, 

I am writing to you today with a sincere plea on behalf of our community. I implore you to reconsider the decision to close the Post Office located on Eccleston Street. This facility serves as a lifeline for our neighbourhood, providing essential services that are indispensable to our residents.

The closure of the Eccleston Street Post Office would be devastating for our community. It is not merely a convenience but a vital resource upon which many of us rely daily. From mailing letters and parcels to accessing important financial services, the Post Office plays a crucial role in the fabric of our neighbourhood.

For many elderly residents and those without easy access to transportation, the Eccleston Street Post Office is their primary means of staying connected with loved ones and the broader community. Closing its doors would isolate these individuals and further exacerbate social inequalities within our area.

Moreover, local businesses heavily depend on the services offered by the Post Office to conduct their operations efficiently. From shipping and receiving goods to managing financial transactions, the closure would disrupt the livelihoods of countless entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community.

I understand that difficult decisions must be made regarding operational efficiency and cost-saving measures. However, I urge you to consider the profound impact that the closure of the Eccleston Street Post Office would have on the well-being of our community.

I implore you to explore alternative solutions that preserve this vital resource for our neighbourhood. Whether through restructuring, increased support, or other means, I believe there are avenues to maintain the Post Office's presence on Eccleston Street without sacrificing its important services.

In closing, I urge you to prioritize the needs of our community and to stand with us in preserving the Eccleston Street Post Office. Your reconsideration of this decision would be deeply appreciated by all those who rely on this essential institution.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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